Sealing your home from rodents

If you ever want to live without rodents then you will have to have your home sealed correctly, and then trapped out with zero poison. Some companies seal with foam, painters caulk, or regular silicone that will either be chewed through or look terrible on your home and not withstand the test of Mother Nature. At Thoroughspect only the most durable products are used to flex with the change in seasons and pass the test of time.

Call for your free home analysis so you can get on the right track, and put an end to this most disgusting problem.


Moving the air in your home

One of the most important things that are overlooked by homeowners, property management companies and building owners is how important it truly is to move the air around in your structure.

At Thoroughspect we can assess and solve almost any basement, crawl space or attic moisture issue and get your home safe and healthy in a timely fashion.

Give a call for your free home inspection in Westchester County NY, or Fairfield County, CT.

How to pick a contractor part 1

How to pick a contractor part 1
No matter what type of work you are looking to have completed( the key part- completed) there should be the obvious.

1- Meet and greet- talk in several rooms of the home and outside as well to see if there are any differences in how the contractor reacts to surroundings. If you can read people you will feel the vibe and then decide.

2- Internet check

3- Ratings for your type of work to be completed- I mention this as the true completion rate of many industries is very low,you just might not know it before you pay your invoice!

4- Proof of the current condition such as a roof repair needed,plumbing leak,rodent infestation… Via a picture gallery so you understand the problem.

5- Agreement in writing that you will be updated in whatever frequency agreed upon- no longer than 3-5 days of work to prove time frame and document the process.

6- Pictures with explanations( captions) of the complete job so you can pay promptly.

I have so many clients that have no idea what the issue really was in the beginning, and no real idea of what went into the end result. To top off the previously listed they don’t know what they just paid for and if it is good,bad or ugly as far as craftsmanship.

I update my clients regularly and show everything except any true trade secrets.

More to come

Almost time to seal off for bats in Westchester, NY, Fairfield CT

August is almost here and the baby bats are flying and feeding all on their own now. That’s great news for those of you who have been waiting to get rid of these fecal machines.

Remember when sealing for bats there are several key factors that aid in a successful seal.

1- Never use foam in the can to make a seal. This product is not UV rated and easy for any other bees or rodents to chew through and let the bats right back in. Painters caulk is not a great choice either and will intimately let you down.

2- The home is netted prior to any sealing allowing the bats to leave so they don’t get stuck inside.

3- Make sure that the areas to be sealed do not change the homes air flow as this can create mold and moisture issues. Some areas are sealed in a manner the air may still flow while some areas are to be sealed shut.

4- If you are going to seal; realize that in some counties a Home improvement license is required to do the work and not only a Nuisance/Wildlife license. Especially for cleanup of fecal

5- A very important fact is that the fecal/guano is more dangerous than the bats are for respiratory diseases and without true air scrubbers and knowledge your family could be at high risk.

Thoroughspect will be more than happy to answer any questions with no obligation so we all stay healthy and happy.


Brian m Sweig


If you have a long term rodent or bat problem- Thoroughspect can solve it.

Thoroughspect LLC

Thoroughspect LLC

The most important thing about contracting and contractors is how well they use their knowledge on what they find in your home to correctly do the job of making your home safe for you and your family. Thoroughspect is proud to be a green company with the owner having received the 2006 US EPA Clean Air Excellence Award.

Baby Bats in your home

This is baby bat season and sometimes one of these little critters gets lost from mommy and finds its way into your living space. Yes, the phone is always on for emergency calls and I will most likely be able to come and help you out.

Please follow these steps if there is a bat in your home.

(1)-Do not let the bat out of the house as it should be tested for rabies.
(2)-Close the door where the bat is if possible and place a towel at the door bottom so there is less of a chance of escape.
(3)-Chill out and realize most bats are not rabid.
(4)-Call me and we will discuss your options for removal.
(5)-Allow me to thoroughly inspect your home to determine the best way to seal out the critters that don’t belong there.
(6)-Relax as help is on the way.

Peace Brian M. Sweig